TRUCK was founded by Tokuhiko Kise and Hiromi Karatsu in 1997.
We design the kind of furniture we want ourselves, regardless of fashion
We respect the properties of the materials―wood, leather, steel―we use and never pursue novelty for its own sake.
We create furniture that can be used for a long time.

We put a lot of care into the design and construction of every piece of furniture.
Naturally we also care deeply about how it is presented to our customers.
We have designed our store from the ground up to create a certain kind of ambience, one that reflects our taste and values. This is why you won't find TRUCK furniture in other stores.

Of course, some people can't make it to our shop in Osaka.
For them, we created TRUCK WORKS, a catalog of all except our most recent products. We did everything for the catalog, from styling to photography, ourselves. We shot it in the homes and shops where we live and work everyday, with our own things as props.

Our own space in Osaka. Making it here, selling it here―
that's always been our style.


At 23 Tokuhiko Kise starts his own business from a workshop
where he designs and makes his own furniture.

JAN 1997

TRUCK opens in Chuo Ward, Osaka, selling original furniture.

OCT 1999

AREA2 opens.

FEB 2004

Launch of Atelier Shirokumasha producing household items (ZAKKA)
and illustrations using leather and other materials.

DEC 2009

TRUCK moves to Osaka’s Asahi Ward.