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Order Guide

The Order Process

Order Process

  1. TRUCK products are made-to-order. As such, it may take some time for your item to be completed. Please refer to the time listed as ‘Lead Time’ on the webpage of the item in question. Whether the order is placed in Japan or abroad, this lead time is the same.
  2. For all international orders, you must request an estimate, as shipping costs vary depending on the order contents and destination country. To request an estimate, select all of the desired items in your cart and click the ‘ESTIMATE’ button.
  3. After we have reviewed the contents of your order request, we will email you an estimate that includes the approximate shipping costs.
  4. Following your review of the estimate, if you would like to place the order, please send a reply with your confirmation and notify us which payment method (PayPal or credit card) you prefer.
  5. We will then bill you for the amount on the estimate via the payment method you indicated. Please pay the full balance including the shipping.
  6. Once we have received your payment, we will send you an official invoice that includes your order number.
  7. When your item is near completion and almost ready for shipment, we will email you again. We will let you know when your items have left TRUCK and when you should expect your order to arrive.
  8. Your order is sent and arrives to you.

Important Information / Notes:

+ The TRUCK Limited Warranty is valid only within Japan. It is not valid for products used or purchased internationally.

+ Your order estimate will not include customs tax or other related fees. Such fees may or may not be incurred and if incurred are levied at the point of entry in the item’s destination country. If these fees or taxes are incurred, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay them.

+ If your items require a Certificate of Origin (COD), you must request it when you place the order. We will charge a fee of 38,000 JPY to create the necessary paperwork.

+ Once your order has been placed, it cannot be changed or canceled.

+ Since we are unable assist personally with the furniture assembly of an international order, it is the customer’s responsibility to fully assemble it. However, we will provide assembly manuals and the necessary tools. If you need any more help with assembly or have any questions, feel free to email us.

Moving Your Furniture In

When placing an order, please confirm that your item will be able to fit through the entrance, doorways, and hallways leading to its destination. Depending on whether your item is delivered fully assembled or in pieces to be assembled once delivered, the spatial requirements to move it in will differ. Refer to the item’s webpage for details about its delivery type and its complete measurements.

Returns and Cancellations

As TRUCK products are made to order, we do not accept any cancellations or modifications to an order once it has been placed, nor any returns once the item has been delivered.

Insurance & Warranty Information

The TRUCK Limited Warranty is only valid for orders in Japan.
There is no warranty for products purchased for use outside of Japan.


When your order arrives, check it immediately for any damage while the shipping/delivery company representative is still present. If there is any damage, you must notify the representative as well as TRUCK as soon as possible. In order for us to file an insurance claim, you must keep – so do not throw away – the packaging that your shipment arrived in, and you must send us the following items as attachments via email:
• Photos of the damaged parts
• Photos of the condition of the packaging

Product Care & Maintenance

For regular upkeep and cleaning, wipe the surface of your furniture with a well-wrung damp washrag or dry cloth.
Application of wax formulated for wood surfaces or leather treatments will help prevent your furniture from drying out or cracking.
Anti-rust agents applied to any iron/metal parts of your furniture will help prevent premature rusting.
TRUCK sells waxes for wood and leather that can be found under the FURNITURE / OTHER category.

Regularly check that the screws on the legs of your table and door hinges are still tightly secured. If any are loose, please tighten them. Be sure to check them especially after initially installing or relocating a piece.

Knots, Cracks, and Rough Patches

The knots, cracks, and rough textures of our wood that have now became synonymous with the TRUCK brand were, at the time of TRUCK’s opening in 1997, seen as flaws and removed. We felt that when viewed from a different perspective, those “flaws” embodied much of the inherent charm of the wood. Nowadays, furniture made with wood that has those kinds of knots and cracks is ubiquitous, but at that time in Japan, only perfectly smooth wood was used for furniture and there were no lumber yards that had the kind of “flawed” wood that we were looking for. We searched all over and finally found a place that sold white oak from America.

We first used the white oak to make a table. Working with it required a completely different approach than before to make its flaws appear attractive. When the table was finished, the imperfect marks and lines seemed to draw the “face” of the wood, giving it a look distinct from that of other materials and one that emanated a sense of strength that you could feel.

As each piece of wood has a different pattern of grain, knots, and color tone, the combination of those elements created the unique face of the finished piece. Leaving the rough textures of the wood added to the depth of its charm.

Whether it was because customers felt the same way that we did or simply that they accepted it as a part of the TRUCK design, the series that featured that style of white oak furniture has been popular ever since we first sold it in 1998. We then tried approaching Japanese oak in the same way by showing off its knots and cracks. It was this craft of accentuating the flaws and charms of the wood that then became the TRUCK standard.

That being said, we don’t think that everyone is willing to accept these particular aspects of our furniture. The knots and cracks tend to splinter and chip; the tabletops aren’t as even in parts as they are on completely smooth tables; the spaces where the boards of the tabletops are bonded together are sometimes uneven and jagged. We ask that you consider all these characteristics of our wood before placing an order to ensure that you are satisfied with it.

  • Knots
  • Roughness and Imperfections
  • Cracks

Our Wood

TRUCK furniture is made with great care to preserve the character and quality of the materials that they are made of, so we do not finish our pieces with standard urethane coatings or the like and instead finish our products in a way that allows their character and color to be enriched as they age over time and with use.

Depending on how often they are touched or exposed to sunlight, or how much they bare used and how, the texture of the surface gradually changes. We encourage you to use your pieces freely and look forward to how they will transform over time. Just as each piece of wood has its own unique countenance like people do, complete with lines, blemishes, and a wide array of color tones, they age like people do too. This natural aging process of the wood results in a look that cannot be manufactured or “made.”

For regular upkeep and cleaning, it is enough to wipe the surface with a well-wrung damp washrag or dry cloth. Don’t worry about blemishes or scratches – the “face” that forms with time, use, and love is what we believe makes TRUCK furniture look good. Take note of the following points as you bring out the texture and unique look of your piece.

  • Natural wood naturally expands and contracts in response to the conditions of its environment. In environments where the air is either very dry or very moist, the wood may warp or crack. If the wood expands or contracts, drawers and doors may become difficult to open or shut. We recommend that you keep your furniture a reasonable distance away from heating and cooling devices, and especially that you take care that the hot air from heating devices does not blow directly onto it.
  • Placing wet items directly onto the wood may cause discoloration or rings to appear. Just as well, placing hot items directly onto the wood may cause changes in its shape or color.
  • Placing your furniture in direct sunlight for long periods of time may cause it to change shape or color.

Our Leather

Our leather is coated with natural, plant-based tannins that allow it to develop a unique look and rich character. Ordinary leathers are coated with urethane in order to cover flaws and offer protection from wrinkles and dirt. However, doing so takes away from the natural essence of the leather, so at TRUCK, we don’t use urethane coatings and instead prefer to bring out and highlight those inimitable traits. Ordinary leather furniture is usually sprayed with pigment so that if the leather is scratched, the color itself peels off. At TRUCK, our leathers our soaked in tanning drums that saturate them thoroughly with dye so that even when scratched, the colors and markings blend together naturally. Our waxed leather is coated with a layer of paraffin that looks like a whitish powder or film. As the item is used, the paraffin starts to “melt” and fade into the leather itself, developing its own special look. We hope that you enjoy how the look of the leather ages and changes with use just as much as we do.

Our leather may, in rare cases, have marks or imperfections. These are often scars from the cow’s past injuries. Although it seems like scars would weaken the leather and make it more susceptible to tearing, they actually make it stronger. We also don’t remove the markings on the leather that indicate what farm the cow came from. Pieces with those markings are typically thrown away, but at TRUCK, we don’t see them as defects and have vowed to treat them with care.

For these reasons, no one sofa or leather product that we make looks like another. The more that you touch and use the leather or expose it to sunlight, the more that its color, texture, and overall look changes and deepens.

The international version
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The international version
of the online shop is
coming soon.