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6-8-48 Shinmori Asahi-ku Osaka
535-0022 JAPAN
TEL +81 6 6958 7055 / FAX +81 6 6958 7056


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Specified Commercial Transaction Notation

TRUCK (Ltd.)
Owner Name
Tokuhiko Kise
6-8-48 Shinmori Asahi-ku Osaka 535-0022 Japan
TEL 06-6958-7055
Product Retail Price
Displayed on the description page for each item
Necessary Costs Excluding Product Retail Price
Shipping, packing, and other service charges as well as customs and import fees
Payment Method
PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer
Time Limit for Payment
For payment with either PayPal or credit card, please follow the instructions that appear on the TRUCK ONLINE STORE order pages to complete the transaction.
(Accepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, DINERS, and DISCOVER.)
For payment by bank transfer, please follow the instructions in the automatically generated email you receive after placing your order and pay the total sum due in Japanese Yen within five business days.
Lead Time
TRUCK furniture is made to order, and as such, the lead time depends on the item and the time at which the order is placed. Please check the description page of each item for the current approximate lead time.
Product Delivery
We can ship internationally to regions serviced by our partner logistics companies.
Cancellations, Returns, and Exchanges
We cannot cancel or modify the specifications of an order once it has been placed. We cannot accept returns for items that have already been delivered.
Furniture Warranty and Delivery Damage Insurance
The TRUCK Limited Warranty is only valid for orders in Japan.
There is no warranty for products purchased for use outside of Japan.

TRUCK is not responsible or liable for the following conditions/damage:
  • Changes in furniture color or shape due to excessive moisture or dryness caused by placement in direct sunlight or in proximity to a heating or cooling device, or by a humidifier
  • Damage, change in shape, or discoloration to other surfaces or items, like floors and walls, caused by contact with or the placement, arrangement, movement of the furniture or by color bleeding of leather products
  • Damage or accident caused by movement or shipment following the product’s delivery
  • Damage or accident caused by improper use, care, or insufficient caution
  • Damage or accident caused by unintended use or modification
  • Signs of aging, wear and tear, or changes in shape or color (from sunlight or rusting) that naturally occur over time

Delivery Damage Insurance
When your shipment arrives, check it immediately for any damage while the shipping representative or delivery person is still present. If there is any damage, you must notify the representative as well as TRUCK within 5 days of the item's receipt. In order for us to process the insurance claim, please keep – do not throw away – the packaging that your shipment came in and send us the following information as attachments by email:
  • Photos of the damaged parts
  • Photos of the condition of the packaging

If you do not contact us and the representative within that 5-day window, your claim will be denied and the shipping company will be neither responsible for any claims made nor obligated to make any payment.